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The Gathering for Gardner 12

I was privileged to attend the 12th Gathering for Gardner.  This is a biennial conference celebrating the interests of Martin Gardner.

He penned the Mathematical Games column in Scientific American for 25 years and also wrote about science, skepticism, magic and philosophy.

Here are a few pictures, I’ll post more details later.



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Got it done!

Thanks to the help of some friends I was able to deliver a working artillery game to the Dorkbot event last Friday night.

Amazingly to me, the code came together Friday morning with lights a-blinkin’ and speakers a-beepin’.  The machine came to life at about noon on Friday.  I think the game was well received by all the people who took a try.  One young fellow pictured here, really got into it!

Special thanks to Angelo Fancello and Oliver Greaves for late night assistance.  And thanks to my wife, Sally for her help and patience with the crazy schedule I’ve been keeping.

I’ll post the details here soon, including schematics and “code” (it ain’t pretty but it worked!).

Thanks to RadioShack for the opportunity to produce something fun with RadioShack.


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