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Wardenclyffe Site Up for Sale!


Here’s an article form the NY Times:

NYT Tesla article

Here’s a link to the site on Google Maps.

You can see an octagonal foundation of the original tower.

Anyone have a few million to spare?

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Workin’ Hard

I’ve been busy working on a new, more durable and road-able drum kit.

Once done I’ll have a more repeatable and standardized kit that will be versitile.  I won’t be using any one of a kind components so the cost is a bit of a problem.  The first kit is being made to tour with ArcAttack!.

I’ve also revamped my code to clean-up some spagetti-code left behind when I rushed to finish it on the first pass.

I’m gradually attempting to port the code from the 8-bit PIC’s to a single PIC 32.  Bit of a learning curve there but it’s progressing.  It was helpfull to clean up my original code before attempting to port some it into C for the new chip.

I’ll provide some photos soon of the new components.

On a side note, I recently upgraded my laptop from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 without a hitch.   Everything worked great, but…  Kpovmodeler would not save rendered files.  I found a patch that takes care of the problem for now.



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