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A Fantastic Vacation in the Redwoods

My wife Sally and I just returned from a great, 10 day trip up highway one, north of San Francisco.   Sally had not seen the redwoods and I have fond memories of family vactions, so it seemed time for a road trip.  We also took the opportunity to visit some dear friends in the lost coast area, south of Eureka.

I hauled my 4×5 camera with me.  It’s a custom camera I built years ago, based on a 75mm Schneider Super Angulon lens and some surplus camera parts.  It’s a compact camera for a 4×5, but it has no shift or tilt adjustments.  It has a rare helical mount made specifically for this lens by Schneider.  It took me about 4 months to get the part when I ordered it.

Here is a Photo from the trip and a shot of the camera.  I’ve spent most of the day scanning about 20 shots from the trip.  I scan the negatives at 3200 dpi so they end up about 475 megabytes per shot.  Lots of pixels!

I’ll put up some of the photos in my blog gallery in a few days. (I do sell prints)



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