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HD 3d Camera

Here are some photos of a full HD Stereo video camera I built using two Kodak Zi8 pocket cameras.  I built the case out of birch plywood and maple.  I choose the Kodak Zi8 camera because there was an optional remote control.  The cameras are linked to the remote with plastic fiber optics embedded in the frame.  This let me control both cameras with fairly accurate timing.

The width of the cameras was about 62 mm which is just about the right interocular distance.  I ended up with a final Interocular distance of about 65mm.  The cameras are quickly removable by lifting the hinged wood clamp.  Magnets are used to hold the clamp in place.  Rubber pads contact the camera at three points to get repeatable accurate positioning.  The pockets for the cameras were made carefully to get a nice close fit so that the stereo images would be as closely aligned as possible.  The two camera views are parallel and do not “toed-in” or converging. The tripod is attached at a point centered between the lenses using a 1/4-20 t-nut in the base.
We are using a free Windows program called stereo movie maker, which you can see here:

Here is a great primer on shooting 3d video from Tim Dashwood.

Sally and I presented the camera and some example videos at Dorkbot Austin on Monday January 24th at the at UT.  I built the camera for a project Sally is working on at the TACC visualization lab at UT. The folks there have put together some fantastic visualization hardware and tools.  Check it out.  I’ll be adding a post soon with details on how I created the anaglyphic 3d video for the talk.

Here is a link to the video:

See for details. Don’t miss the next Dorkbot!


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