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Analog Photo Fun- “Lomography”

My wife Sally and I just spent a week in New York City.  Good fun all around.

Congratulations to our friend Judy Jenson on her opening at Gerald Peters Gallery. (A great reason to visit the city.)   We had a wonderful time with our friends from Austin.

One day, after emerging from a Subway station on 23rd st, we noticed a cool store at 106 E23rd Street, NY 10010

It is a Lomography Gallery Store.

I’d heard of Lomography and being photo geeks from way back, I/we had to go in.

A “few” dollars later we emerged with two plastic cameras which we immediately loaded with film and started shooting.

One camera, “Pop-9”, shoots 9 separate pictures at once in a standard 35mm frame.  The other was a wide angle camera called the “Sprocket Rocket”.

I also could not resist  the “Spinner 360” We went back to get that one too.    Here are a couple of pictures I shot with the Spinner:

The indoor shot was shot by rotating the camera body by hand.  The primary way to operate the camera is to pull a ring which which winds a spring. Letting go of the string spins the camera to take a shot.  It made me laugh the first time I shot a picture!

Here is a link to the main lomography website.



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