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Heading for G4G (Gathering for Gardner)

I’m thrilled to be invited to the Gathering for Gardner in Atlanta this coming week.

An interesting meeting led to an invitation to this great event.  I had heard about the organization but never thought I could attend.

The Gathering is named for Martin Gardner was a popular science and mathematics writer. He had a column in Scientific American magazine called Mathematical Games.  My father and I looked forward to this column and the Amateur Scientist  articles.

The theme of the G4G conference this year is the work of John Horton Conway.    He came up with a fascinating thing called  the Game of Life based on the idea of the Cellular Automaton.

A popular open source version of this game can be found on the Golly website.

A good source for initial patterns for Life can be found here.

I’m making a hologram for the event, of a life pattern in 3D by creating a pointcloud where the x and y are the normal 2D Life plane and the third, Z direction is time.

Here is a 2D hint at what the hologram will look like.  I rarely mention my day Job on my blog.  Its Zebra Imaging, Inc.  We are currently expanding our stock image page.  Send a note to Zebra if you would like to see this image on the stock image page.G4Ghologramsmall


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