Travel, My Broken Laptop and ArcAttack!

Been ages since I paid proper attention to my site.  Sorry about that!

Lots of things have happened including my laptop failing when I plugged it in when I was in Berlin recently.  I guess the power supply was not as universal as it was supposed to be.  Back up and running, thanks to my extended warranty on my Dell.  A nice fellow came out to fix it.

My wife Sally and I had a great trip to Berlin and Hungary.  We were invited to a symposium on “Light Art” in Pecs, Hungary. More on that in a later post.

ArcAttack had their run on Americas Got Talent.  They did amazingly well considering they did it with very little money!

I assisted with  a few things including some new more powerful LED arrays for the drum set and some woodwork for the Lightning proof MIDI guitar and the platforms for the last show.  It was great fun to throw in to help.  The creation of the Midi guitar in such a short time was truly amazing.  Here is a link with some more detail: Gizmodo

Here are a couple of photos from my phone:

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